2021 Event Calendar

Join us this Sunday (17/10/21)

Our last foray of the season takes us to Camperdown Park on the northern outskirts of Dundee. We’ll be meeting as usual at 12 noon and also, as usual, please wear plenty of warm and waterproof clothing and good boots or strong walking shoes. Bring a hand lens or magnifying glass with you as well as a small first aid kit.
We’ll gather at 12 o’clock in front of Camperdown House (NO 358 329), the imposing mansion (built with money from a grateful nation for Admiral Duncan, the victor of the Battle of Camperdown, which prevented an invasion by Napoleon) in the Park. The House is marked on the 1:50,000 map as a museum. If it’s open there are toilets inside.
There is a main car park, accessed from the small roundabout just north of the Kingsway (the dual carriageway ring road around Dundee) on the A923 Road to Coupar Angus and through the entrance to the Park. From there a rather long drive takes you past the house and down the slope towards the wildlife centre/small zoo. The wildlife centre has toilets and a small cafe. Walk back up the hill towards Camperdown House.
An alternative car park, nearer to the House, is the smaller (former golfers’) car park just to the north of the House (and not marked on the map). It can be accessed from a minor road off to the left, nearly a mile up the A923 from the small roundabout just off the Kingsway.
The foray will last around 3 or 4 hours – or as long as you (or the weather!) last. 
As always, please email jim.strath91@gmail.com if you intend to come along.

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